Renelif EYE Skin Therapy

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Incorporating advanced anti-aging technologies of blue and red led light therapy with smart vibration and a heating and cooling matrix into a single hand-held device. This technology helps reduce the appearance of puffiness and wrinkles around the eyes by assisting in stimulating blood circulation to reduce the appearance of under-eye bags and help regenerate skin cells. Utilizing a smart sensor to simultaneously help open and close the pores to allow better skin penetration of any cream or serum.



Make sure your Renelif eye skin therapy wand is charged before use.

STEP 1. PREPARE YOUR SKIN – Wash and dry your face.

STEP 2. TURN ON YOUR RENELIF EYE SKIN THERAPY WAND – Remove your Renelif eye skin therapy wand from its charging cradle and press the power button to turn it on. You will feel and hear a vibration sound and your Renelif eye skin therapy wand will illuminate blue. You may press the power button again and your Renelif eye skin therapy wand will illuminate blue and begin to warm up. Choose your preferred treatment End.

STEP 3. TREAT YOUR SKIN – Gently glide your Renelif eye skin therapy wand with the metal treatment surface along your under-eye area and your face. The treatment light will automatically turn on upon contact with your skin. Blue light is recommended for treating skin imperfections and should be performed for 3 minutes on each area. Red light is recommended for treating wrinkles and helping with skincare penetration. You may use any skin care with your Renelif eye skin therapy wand.



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Renelif EYE Skin Therapy
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 5 reviews
 by Ramon lull

Muy fácil de usar
Resultados inmediatamente

 by Jessie P
Has a great effect on my eyes.

This eye therapy device has a great effect on my eyes. I can clearly see the fine lines go away and its only been a month since I started using. highly recommended.

 by Sandra K
I believe

I have those wrinkles on the sides of my eyes referred to as crow’s feet and this little device makes my skin look much better. I travel a lot despite the pandemic, and it's very convenient to take with me.

 by April D
Super easy to use

I have been using this product for about over 3 weeks now and it works for me! the dark cycles around my eyes are much lighter, and skin around my eyes is more tightened.

 by Karen J
Very Pleased With Results

I was hesitant to purchase this because it's not cheap. I am over 40 and i have wrinkles under my eyes from wearing a lot of makeup which has made my wrinkles worse than other people my age. I have been using Renelif as instructed for almost a month and i have noticed a significant improvement in the appearance of my wrinkles!